Wittenburg Door

Wittenburg Door- Smart, Funny and a Satirical Take on the Christian Church

When it comes to magazines that take inspiration from the teachings of the Catholic Church, only a few names stand out in the crowd. One such magazine that has remained resilient through the years is Wittenburg Door, a humour and Christian satire magazine that started its run in 1971. The name of the magazine is inspired by Wittenburg, the same place where Martin Luther posted his Ninety-Five Theses, a work that attacked some of the teachings of the Catholic Church. Often compared to MAD and other satirical publications, the Wittenburg Door has managed to stay afloat, thanks to its biting commentaries and take on religion.

Offers a Funny and Often Thought-Provoking Take on the Church

mag2What makes the magazine funny is its treatment of news, social commentaries and the interviews with media personalities and thinkers. The content of the magazine is always irreverent, making sure that no one is exempt from its coverage and incisive commentary. The magazine is best known for its recurring features, sections and cartoons, including a fun comic strip called the ‘Dogs Who Know the Lord’. Another classic feature of the magazine was ‘Loser of the Month’. This was an interesting commentary on society, church and politics since the magazine awards its ‘Green Weenie’ to someone who they think has best shown green, stupidity or even heartlessness. The magazine also involved its readers and loyal subscribers through the feature called the ‘Wittenburg dare’. Readers had to complete some tasks, take pictures, and submit these to the publication. The result is a collection of photos that entertain and inform.