The Haggis Times

Scotland is known for many things, particularly their bagpipes, their whiskey and their kilts. And now, with the emergence of The Haggis Times, the unique brand of Scottish humour is making waves, as well.

Wry Wit

mag9Humour comes in many forms. Some like the dry, subtle kind while others prefer a good belly laugh. There is also a sardonic variety that aims to poke gentle fun at the subject using sarcasm. That’s the tone The Haggis Times aims for.

By covering topics and ideas that have a Scottish bent, the website produces a chuckle or two in the reader using wry wit. It may require a certain kind of intelligence and knowledge of Scotland to truly appreciate what’s going on here, but even casual readers will come away from the website with a wide smile on their faces. This is Scotland as you have never before known it.

Content And Humour

The website presents its topics under a variety of sections that include politics, sports and culture. The focus is on happenings in two of its biggest cities – Edinburgh and Glasgow. The humour ranges from a slight poke to a good laugh. One thing that is guaranteed is that you will have fun.

scots-saladTake, for instance, one of their recent article on Scots eating their salads in secret. The article claims that the people are surreptitiously gorging on green veggies, instead of the much-loved meat products.

Another article claims that Celtic bars are getting defibrillators because their football fans nearly died of shock after their club’s defeat at the hands of unheralded Hapoel Be’er Sheva. This is more of a laugh-out-loud article that generates guffaws over the slightly sensitive issue of football.

Experience Scotland Like Never Before

With The Haggis Times, you get to experience Scotland unlike no one else – over a good laugh.