Politoons – Delivering One Smart Cartoon at a Time

mag7Humour is an important element of entertainment, and often used as a critical component of many forms of literature found online and offline. Usually, humour is used as a tool to deliver a message, and to spice up commentaries on the current issues and political climates of today. One of humour’s more popular forms is the world of cartoons, and this is exactly what readers can expect from Politoons. Politoons is a well-known website, and best known for their political cartoons and politics-themed animations that are shown in different media, from websites to TV shows. Although the team behind Politoons is based in India, the content of the website focuses on a variety of topics, issues and personalities from all across the world. For example, American-centred issues and President Barack Obama have often been used as topics and themes for its political cartoons.

From Animation Spoofs to Chat Shows

Politoons uses a variety of tools and shows to deliver the message and provide entertainment to its followers. A popular segment of Politoons is titled ‘Excuse Me’, an animation spoof that is carried by ‘Zee News’. The animation spoof has found a loyal following in the region, and also has fans from other countries. The website is also known for creating animation chat shows, a tool used to re-imagine a conversation or interview between political personalities. A great example of this format was the chat show that involved the former Chief Ministers of West Bengal.logga

To deliver fresh, colourful and engaging content, Politoons only uses high-end equipment and technologies. Also, licensed software is used to avoid legal problems in terms of the delivery of its content. And more importantly, the team is known for its grasp of local and world politics and issues, which are the building blocks of its animation content. Some of the most pressing global issues and concerns are covered, making this site a great source of both information and entertainment.